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Tropical Leaves


moss tray

diy moss tray

kitchen garden

diy kitchen garden

paper pots

diy paper pots

upcycle with spray paint

upcycle with spray paint

mini greenery

greenery of old windows

seed packets

freebie: seed packets

sage mandala

diy sage mandala

apple jam

make your own apple jam

homemade apple lemonade

diy homemade apple lemonade

mini greenhouse

diy mini greenhouse

forcing branches to blossom

diy forcing branches to blossom

chicken wire cornets

diy chicken wire cornets

smudge sticks

diy smudge sticks

molded tiles with print

diy molded tiles with print

summer wreath

diy summer wreath

candied flowers

diy candied flowers

printed fabric

diy printed fabric

hanging garden

diy hanging garden

botanical plates

diy botanical plates

speckled flowerpot

diy speckled flowerpot


diy mini planters

upcycled jars and cans

diy upcycled jars and cans

printable seed packets

freebie printable seed packets

green peas

diy green peas

decorative ice lanterns

diy decorative ice lanterns

bird seeds

diy bird seeds

beaded plant hanger

diy beaded plant hanger

fall wreath

diy fall wreath

clay plant marker

diy clay plant marker

plant hanger

diy plant hanger

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